Homemade Face Scrubs

I have always loved homemade scrubs; body, face, hands, feet, you name it! Though I will admit that I have not been as on top of making my own scrubs as I’d like to be. Well it’s time for that to change! As I prepare for my wedding (10 month countdown! šŸ˜¬šŸ˜šŸ˜³), I have doneContinue reading “Homemade Face Scrubs”

Humpday Giveaway! … Go Nuttzo

HAAAPPPY HUMPDAY šŸ˜€ Over the past month, if you follow my IG account, you have seen posts of this awesome new nut butter I am head over heels for. I serendipitously (that’s my favorite word by the way heehee) discovered my new favorite nut butter at the Tri Rock Expo before my race on LaborContinue reading “Humpday Giveaway! … Go Nuttzo”

Workout Wednesday: Saving “Grace”

If you are familiar with the Crossfit world or some of the common benchmark workouts done in Crossfit, you have probably heard of “Grace” … If you haven’t I will explain the workout. 30 clean & jerks. Done for time. Yupp. That’s it. Sounds pretty manageable right? Well the goal of it being to workContinue reading “Workout Wednesday: Saving “Grace””

Stop Fighting Food!

I have something that is really exciting to share with you today. It is near and dear to my heart because it speaks directly to the person I used to be… Have you ever experienced any of the following? ā€œFeeling crazy around foodā€ (i.e. obsessive thinking about food, dieting, ā€œhealth,ā€ etc. on a regular basis) Emotional Eating (i.e.Continue reading “Stop Fighting Food!”

Green Dranks: Super charge your morningsĀ 

We have all heard the saying you are what you eat. How about you are what you drink?      How many of us have rushed days? How many times have you maybe finished a day and realized you should’ve had more greens than you did? How many of you struggle to make sure youContinue reading “Green Dranks: Super charge your morningsĀ “

Restoration and Fitness

Everything we see and everything we hear on television, social media, the wonderful world wide web or from our trainers and coaches and training partners or fitness idols… Everything revolves around pushing ourselves to ourĀ absoluteĀ limits. Pain is progress. Right? I mean at the very core of it the muscle burning and day after soreness isContinue reading “Restoration and Fitness”

Au Naturale

To be in a natural state. That is how I usually am. If you know me, you know that you can probably count on one hand the number of times you’ve seen me really decked out in makeup. Like REAL done up. Yeah. That usually happens only on holidays or special occasions. My poor boyfriendContinue reading “Au Naturale”