Stop Fighting Food!

I have something that is really exciting to share with you today. It is near and dear to my heart because it speaks directly to the person I used to be…

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

“Feeling crazy around food” (i.e. obsessive thinking about food, dieting, “health,” etc. on a regular basis)

Emotional Eating (i.e. compulsive feelings around food, feeling out of control around food, using food as a coping mechanism, etc.). Most women I work with relate to the feeling that “every emotional whim might send them straight into a jar of Nutella for comfort.”

Binge-eating (i.e. periods of eating large quantities of food, generally after a period of “being good”with food, or restricting food in some capacity.

Poor body image or low self-esteem related to body size and/or food behaviors.

Well then, today I want to talk to you about this very sensitive and super challenging issue. I see too many women in my life and work constantly struggling with food and their weight, and today, if you fall into this category, I want to talk to you…

300x500-1I want to talk to those of you who are constantly searching for the perfect diet, and constantly falling off the perfect diet;

Constantly swinging between “this time I’ve got it,” and “what the hell is wrong with me that I can’t stop eating peanut butter out of the jar?”

Always judging yourself based on what you ate that day or whether or not your skinny jeans fit;

And generally letting food and weight concerns rule your world — the ups and downs of the diet-binge cycle dictating your “good” or “bad” days.

If you have followed this blog for some time, you have seen more than one post focusing on or referencing my past struggles with disordered eating and body image issues. Until recently, I had been weight obsessed for as long as I can remember. I used HATE myself for the way I looked in certain things… And I would comfort myself with food… Then workout incessantly to burn off the calories I just shamefully ate… And I would hate myself a little bit more for it. It was a whirl wind. I also tried every single ABSURD diet in the book just to get to weight where “people would like me”.

Because I have dealt with emotional eating before and I have seen, and still see, SO many women.. TOO many women.. in my life deal with this, I want to offer everyone an “answer”, a light at the end of the tunnel if you will. You do not have to deal with fighting yourself and fighting food. You do not have to have a negative relationship with food. Food is AMAZING. And you are AMAZING. You two should be AMAZING together!

Isabel Foxen Duke, my friend and founder of Stop Fighting Food calls this phenomenon “feeling crazy around food.” 

Isabel is one of the most well-respected pros in the emotional eating world, contributing some very new ideas about how we can change our thought-patterns around food and weight, and finally break out of the exhausting diet-binge cycling behaviors that too many women find themselves trapped in — behaviors like, sneak-eating ice cream in the middle of the night; yo-yo dieting; emotional eating, and emotional eating’s painful cousin: binge-eating.

Isabel is offering all my readers (all you awesome women) a free video training series this month  covering some of her most important concepts in changing women’s relationship with food on an emotional and psychological level.  If this is a topic that speaks to you, I highly recommend you sign up to get her free vids.

You don’t have to live your life clinging desperately to diets, only to end up with your fingers in a jar of Nutella at the end of the day. You don’t have to live the rest of your life feeling bat-shit crazy around food.

Trust me, this is a chance you DO NOT want to miss. Too many women go through so much of their life trying to just live up to the standards we “think” we should. We treat ourselves terribly and shame ourselves with weight and food. Changing my way of thinking about food has given me freedom. Freedom to enjoy my life and live it to the fullest. To love myself. To love everything I put in my body and not hide in the closet eating a cookie at night just to regret it in the morning.

Free yourself ladies and STOP FIGHTING FOOD!

So one last time, here is the link for you to sign up for this free training and get on the road to a healthy, happy lifestyle…


Green Dranks: Super charge your mornings 

We have all heard the saying you are what you eat.

How about you are what you drink?    

 How many of us have rushed days? How many times have you maybe finished a day and realized you should’ve had more greens than you did? How many of you struggle to make sure you are incorporating a more whole diet? Or really how many of us just want a better breakfast option?

If you can relate on any level to any of these questions than you are right in the same boat as me. I like relaxed mornings. But sometimes those relaxed mornings turn into too much time in the shower listening to Hunter Hayes and zero time for breakfast… And if you know me, you know that NO ONE should speak to me if I don’t eat breakfast. 😭🙈 I also love salads and my boyfriend and I eat one every night at dinner along with other green veggies. But a lot of times with my job I am rushing around and end up just picking on some nuts and fruit and cold cuts, struggling to fit in greens during the day. Of course there are also times where maybe I have some indulgent days and don’t get all the things my body needs to function well.

How do I solve this? 

I’ve found one of the best tasting, nutritious, green food and superfood mixes on the planet! I will preface this with saying that I am a big proponent of getting your nutrients with real food and not supplements. But considering this isn’t a chemical filled load of crap you don’t need for no reason kind of shake, I have embraced it with open arms and my body ADORES IT!

The days I start my morning with a full, complete, well rounded combo of greens, superfood, protein, and carbs … Oh my those are my best days! I am a huge eggs person and trust me I love those mornings just as much, but there is something about kicking off the day with superfood AND protein from greens that really energizes me and keeps me feeling well all day.

Why does your body want greens and protein in the morning? 

For one thing, studies have shown that those who start their day with greens may experience high energy levels, improved mental clarity, and reduced cravings throughout the day! Yippee! In addition, it’s been shown that high protein breakfasts can optimize your brains ability to help wake you up. See ya over consumption of coffee! ✌️ If you also combine this with carbs, your body will more gradually digest your breakfast and keep you satiated longer. Aka no unnecessary pre-lunch snacking! 😄

In addition, since for many people a high protein diet sometimes means a diet high in fat and cholesterol, replacing your source of protein with a pea protein helps reduce the amount of fat intake. 

There are many ways to get your fill of greens, superfood, protein, and carbs in the morning – or any time of the day. Having my Nature’s Sunshine shake or making protein pancakes/waffles with these powders is just one of the many easy ways I like to fit mine in! ☺️💚

AND lucky for all you lovely people, you can try your own powders with a 33% off discount… Because I love you so much! 


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So head on over to and check it out. Comment below or contact me with any questions! 

Get your green dranks on!