Deals and Discounts

Because who doesn’t love a good deal πŸ™ƒ

Visit some of my affiliates and enter these personalized codes for super savings on great products!

Coffee Over Cardio … COFFEE LOVERS this one is for you! Check out this amazing coffee company and use code 10fitforreal for an extra 10% off!

Imperfect Produce … Do you love trying new fruits or veggies? Do you want to help minimize your carbon footprint? Do you want to help support local farmers? Check out this company doing all those things – delivering organic or conventional produce right to your home. Save money and help avoid food waste! AND get $10 off with this link.

Kinx Active … All you beautiful active ladies need to check this one out! This amazing cosmetic company makes quick air dry gel nail polish that PEELS OFF. Woohoo! Use code “Kaitlyn” to get free nail masks with every order!




For the sake of all of you lovely people who deserve discounts and deals on all the things you need and love I have been HARD AT WORK connecting with companies to get you the things you need at a price you actually like. As I begin working with even more companies I will list everything here so you can find all the codes you need quick and easy in one location. In the meantime, happy shopping and stay #healthy and #fit πŸ™‚

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