All Natural Everything: My Adventure into Homemade Shampoo


When you deal with health issues it forces you to assess and re-evaluate all pieces of your lifestyle; be it the food you are eating, your exercise regime (or maybe lack thereof), your stress level, your household, and also your personal products…

The things that we use on a regular basis in our homes are so incredibly loaded with chemical after chemical. We breathe in and absorb more chemicals than any living being should; and we do it daily. It is easy to go along with the societal norms. It is easy to go to the store and purchase personal hygiene products. It is easy to just do what is the least amount of work to look good each day… Especially as a woman…

Women are constantly under pressure to take care of themselves a certain way. So when you are expected to look good, or at least hygienic, how could you possibly deter from your normal beauty plan? How could you STOP using conventional beauty products? It just doesn’t make sense.

Well I am here to break all of that! I can tell you that for over a month now I have not used a store bought facial cleaner or store bought hair care products. I have cared for my face and my skin using variations of my previously posted facial scrubs recipe and truly I love it… And it smells and feels amazing!

Now I also know that it seems a little more accepted to make homemade facial scrubs. Heck I remember when I was a kid and my cousins and I used to think we could do homemade spa days and try out crazy recipes like these on each other. Now we were just having fun but my point being that it was a normal thing to do and we thought we were cool as heck doing it. But transitioning from conventional shampoos and conditioners… That is a WHOLE other animal.

I will admit that I attempted this once before. It was probably about a year and a half ago.

I decided I had read about “no poo” and I wanted to give it a go. The problem for me is that I didn’t do my research. I was impulsive. I also didn’t have the same motivation back then. I thought it was intriguing and wanted to give it a go but didn’t have a reason to stick with it. So when things got rough – and greasy – I quickly gave up.

If you don’t know what “no poo” is, it is a movement where you cease using shampoo but believers in no poo typically go for shampoo of any kind. Most of them simply use some baking powder and an ACV rinse once a week or so. While many of them even stop any kind of hair rinse and simply wash with water. My hair on the other hand has always been thin and sensitive, so this plan was not the one for me and my attempt ended pretty abruptly.


That brings to why I am writing this post today. Well, as you could guess, I gave it another go. This time instead of just jumping full on into “no poo” again (I knew better this time), I decided to do some research and really figure out my best game plan. This time my motivation came from my health issues. I have been working hard to naturalize all areas of my life. Considering my exercise regime and eating habits are pretty under control, I looked to the other areas – my household and personal products. What do I use to clean my home every day? To clean myself? What could I change? I decided that the chemicals being absorbed into my body through some of my personal hygiene products were not worth it. I decided a change needed to happen and I wanted to figure out a way to keep myself committed to this.

I want to shout out one of the blogs I found that really gave me that final spark to go for it again. So thanks Kayleigh , you rock!

After reading multiple blogs I decided that I would go my own combination of routes, one I though might work for my fine, thin, flat, grease-prone hair…

For the detox period:

If you decide to go for this all natural style, you WILL have a detox period. It won’t be fun or pretty necessarily but it will be a finite amount of time.

You see, conventional shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils. Therefore, when you stop applying the chemicals to your hair to break the oils down, your hair will have its own oils again… All the oils… It won’t know how to regulate them or deal with them because it hasn’t had to. So it will initially overproduce oils. You need to allow your hair the time to learn what its own oils are like and how to process them properly.

BUT that also doesn’t mean that you have to just walk around look like a grease ball. There are natural ways to help your hair (and your sanity) through this period.


For me this method was rahssoul clay.  Rahssoul clay is an all natural powder. It is absorbent and will help draw out and soften some of those natural oils. It can be excessively drying however, so it is most likely not a long term solution but I used it for the first month and it was great.

Typically for one wash I would use 1 tbsp of rahssoul clay. In a plastic bowl and with a plastic spoon (you CANNOT use metal … because science things they say) mix either water or apple cider vinegar into the 1 tbsp of clay until you have soupy mixture.

Now, some people would create a thicker mixture and let it sit in their hair. However, I found that for me it worked better if I was able to simply rinse it through my hair. I also personally used ACV due to needing the extra pH. ACV will help your hair from drying out too much from the clay but if you have super greasy roots, go with a water mixture. It may take a few tries to get it perfect for YOUR hair. Don’t get frustrated.


After detox:

As I said, I used the clay mixture for just over a month. Once I started to notice that I could go longer without a wash and without having to throw my hair up because of the grease, I decide to move to my next mixture. The clay is not meant to be forever but it could also be a good once in a while cleanse for your hair as needed.

However, there is a recipe that could become your go to. It may take some playing around to find a perfect mixture for you but after I tried this combo I was immediately in shock at how well my hair responded!


Soapnut powder and Shikakai powder.

Again, there were so many variations out there but what I decided is to do 1 tbsp of each (soapnut and shikakai) mixed with water until it gets a thicker consistency; something a little more than soup this time. Section of your hair and rub mixture into your scalp.

I will warn that when I first put it in my hair it felt ROUGH and thick. I truthfully did not think it was gonna go well. My hair felt tough when I rinsed it out. But then I went to brush it..

My brush ran through my hair like nothing! I let my hair air dry and when it was almost dry I accidentally caught my reflection and had to do a double take! I touched my hair to feel a soft, light texture. My hair looked full but not heavy. It was beautiful. I can truly say that I almost never leave my hair down at night because it also looks horrid. I also never take pictures at night (because of my hair) and I just had the strongest urge to take ALL THE PICTURES.

I will say, I am still in the beginning stages of all natural shampoo. However, the results I have seen thus far only motivate to keep this as a lifestyle change rather than just a challenge to myself.

If you want some proof I did take some non-snapchat filter pictures to show how well my hair came out… Keep in mind, this is just about a month and a half without any conventional shampoo or conditioner. My hair air dry-ed and was not treated with anything following….



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