New Year’s Goals: Why Goal Setting is More Important Than Resolution Setting

500_F_85151987_dPH79TgdkFr176eOkN27nZewSgfLdGP6As we begin the 2nd full week of January we are full swing into the new year. Which means that most likely everyone who set their same epic New Year’s resolutions of losing 10lbs or getting abs are either going hard or stepping back realizing that they actually have no idea how to really make those things happen for sure.

One thing I have seen with New Year’s resolutions is that they tend to be set without any sort of plan, knowledge, or even confidence. They are the things that we want that we make a grand gesture that achieve this year because the last 3 years were just too chaotic. But this year, well this year will be different. We are sure of it. It HAS to be different. We have been wanting to achieve these things for so long now and we ate all our black eyed peas on New Year’s Day. So this year. This year is the year… But lets venture to look at what REALLY makes this year THE YEAR?

Chances are a lot of resolutions were set. All with real gusto. All with actual desire and genuine motivation. But most laking one very key element… The actual ability to follow through. In fact, I will say that I actually haven’t heard a single New Year’s Resolution spoken in years that included someone telling me what they intended to do to accomplish this. And it is for exactly this reason that I do not like New Year’s Resolutions, I do not set New Year’s Resolutions, and I do not advise anyone set New Year’s Resolutions.

I know I know. Blasphemy. But let me explain…

New Year’s Resolutions in our society have such good intention but have begun to take on an almost accepted sense of failure. By January 3rd I saw multiple people make joking status’ and posts on social media about how they “already failed” whatever it was they were intending to do better this year. Things like “Well there goes my healthy eating resolution but that chocolate cake was just too delicious” or “Still haven’t been to the gym, maybe I will start that resolution next month”. These posts are accepted, laughed at, and liked my many because we all almost just assume that everyone who sets resolutions will give up after a little bit of time. I mean am I the only one that finds that to be terrible and horribly discouraging?

We shouldn’t laugh at those that want to better themselves (because we all should always be striving for that). We shouldn’t allow ourselves to fail or give up on the things we want to accomplish because eh everyone is going to anyways. We shouldn’t write off goals and allow our dreams to be thought of as less than what they are by labeling them with this unfortunately tainted term.

This year, I am encouraging everyone to set GOALS not resolutions. Take all the things you want to accomplish, the ways in which you want to better yourself and give them meaning. Allow your dreams and desires to take on some value and make it harder for you to fail at them.

Setting “resolutions” as we have come to know them is almost a way of just giving yourself an out when things get too hard. You are more than that. You deserve more than that. You deserve all your dreams. You deserve to achieve all your goals. Acknowledge that. Believe that. Change how you view your resolutions.


Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 11.12.34 PMSo what is the difference between setting resolutions and setting goals you ask? When we set our resolutions, as I stated, they tend to be vague and grandiose. They are things that either are not achievable in a way that will promote our continued work or they are things that we honestly have no direction or idea of how to accomplish. Goals on the other hand, or at least well set goals, are specific, manageable, achievable, measurable, and come with a plan. Goals are things that are in sight. They are things that we can actually see ourselves accomplishing in a specific period of time. They come with deadlines. They come with steps. They come with help, knowledge, advice. They come with motivation and optimism. They promote handwork and consistency. They are serious and concrete. They are infinitely more likely to be accomplished.

I, personally, have taken the leap and taken something that has always just remained a dream of mine and this year I have decided to turn it into a goal. It is concrete. I don’t have a deadline yet as that part is a little more complex haha. I have measurable steps. I have support and encouragement. I know exactly what I need to do to accomplish my goal. I am hopeful and motivated. I intend to work my butt off. And I know that for the first time this dream is manageable and this goal WILL be accomplished.


What is one thing that you have always said or thought you’d want to do that you can turn into a concrete goal this year? 


You can achieve anything if you believe in yourself and work hard enough.

For help with goal setting, direction, tools for your health goals, and a free assessment contact me! Its never to let to start! 🙂


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