Holly Jolly: Week 3 Recap

I know I know. I am only 4 days behind with this post. 😦 I truly apologize. To be honest, I have been feeling a little bit under the weather ever since Thanksgiving and it has some relevance in my post on this paleo challenge. So shall we get started?


For the most part this week was AWESOME! I am feeling amazing overall. I am continuing to see progress in my performance in the gym. My skin is clearing up. I have more energy during the day. I stay fuller longer throughout the day. I can physically feel the muscles in my abdomen (without flexing). I really cannot say enough great things about what this paleo diet and the semi-zoning has done for me. I am very sure that if I go all in on the zone I would see an even bigger difference in my physical appearance. I am thinking that might be an adventure for the new year for sure. For now though, getting used to really being strict on myself in this paleo living has been more than enough and I think that adapting myself and my boyfriend to this lifestyle has not been as hard as we thought but at the same time not quite as easy as maybe we thought either.

So, if I am feeling so darn great then what the hell was up with Thanksgiving huh? Take a guess…

After 2.5 weeks of eating strict paleo. 2.5 weeks of no beer at all. 2.5 weeks of no cheese or dairy of any kind, no breads or grains, no legumes. NO SUGAR. All of these things that my body has not had to digest in 2.5 weeks… Welp, not only did my body need to relearn how to digest them but it had to learn how to digest ALL of them and in a large quantity. HA. Yeah I am sure you can see how that didn’t work out quite so well?



Cheese and crackers and one beer in I was going strong. Add a second beer, and a Not Your Father’s Root Beer at that (aka sugar central), some stuffing, shit gravy from a can, mac and cheese, and green bean casserole, cheesecake… And welp, I was dizzy, nauseous, shaky, and in physical pain. PAIN. My body went into complete shock. It didn’t even know what to do. I mean the only veggie I had was the one kind of veggie I haven’t been allowed to eat in 2.5 weeks. My “epic cheat day” turned into the most miserable food day.

And as if that day itself wasn’t bad enough, it took my body 3 days to get back to normal! I learned very quickly just how great of an impact going strict paleo has on your body. Honestly, it made me never want to go back. Don’t get me wrong, cheat meals are great haha. Pizza is delicious. I love beer. I see nothing bad about that occasional treat and I will continue to allow myself that much in the effort to maintain a healthy relationship with food, rather than develop negative associations with eating or having cravings.

However, going from the person I was and how healthy I truly felt even before this challenge and seeing the difference eating paleo has made has changed me. I also placed value in the idea of the paleo diet and the very back to basics nature of it. Strict paleo though is a whole new ball game and your body WILL feel AAAALLLL THE CHANGES. Even eating pizza Monday night for our cheat meal for this week, I could immediately feel my body just slump. I immediately felt tired. Your body is so incredibly smart and it will adjust. But it functions the way it needs to so when you are putting things in your body that it does not need, you will feel that.

With it being a bit of a hectic week for me, I unfortunately don’t have a great gallery of all the delicious we made last week. But I do want to leave you all with one thought and piece of advice…


If you are looking to change anything in your life, whether it be weight loss, fat loss, skin problems, digestive issues, health issues of any sort, lack of energy, or performance problems … I encourage you to do a full elimination diet. For 2 weeks, eliminate all items other than meat, veggies, and minimal fruit. After the 2 weeks, SLOWLY and carefully reintroduce other products back into your diet one by one. For example, start with legumes and only legumes. If all is well, add dairy and only dairy. If its still all good, add minimal healthy whole grains. Give your body a chance to tell you what is going on and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you have any sort of weird feeling from a food product or from a elimination diet that is your body telling you something. Health is an amazing thing and we tend not to know just how fantastic it is ntil we are in the best health of our lives.

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