Managing Your Time: Making Fitness A Priority


With the holiday season in full swing, one of things that begins to happen is that the chaos of the holidays can quickly and easily derail our fitness train. It is easy to allow that growing to do list become the thing standing in the way of us following our normal workout routine or squeezing in the run we know we should go on. We begin to rationalize why we cannot possibly find the time to workout today. I mean come on… We have this and that and everything to take care of!

However, the problem with this is that it tends not to be a once or twice thing. For many people, its that first day when you need to cook Thanksgiving dinner and CANNOT POSSIBLY find time to get in a work with the pressure of preparing for the holiday. Then that becomes sacrificing a couple workouts a week for holiday shopping or meeting up with family and friends. And soon you have taken the entire month of December off and you cannot believe you got so off track. 😦 Do not let that be you this year!


I used to be the one that would rationalize missing one workout, knowing that I would never let it become more than that because honestly I just love crossfit too much to miss it ha. But recently, I have not done that. I have not taken one single day off that wasn’t planned off. In the past probably 4-5 months, every day I had off was structured into my schedule and if something created a problem with my typical workout time, I fit in a workout somewhere else that day. I made a decision that I will let nothing derail my fitness routine. I have far too many goals that I want to reach. Fitness is a priority. It is my “me-time”. It is where my confidence stems. It is my therapy. It is NOT an extra. It is NOT just another thing added to my dreaded “to do list”. So how you ask do you get from one point to another? How do you make that kind of commitment? How can you be sure that life wont get in the way?

Well I am going to share just a few tips that has helped me to plan in my workouts and make sure that I get in everything I need in a day. (Especially considering I have been incorporating two workouts plus 20min of mobility time with my RomWod – if you don’t know what that is you can check out my previous post about it here – into each day for my Holly Jolly challenge) So to help you do the same and make sure that this holiday season and your busy schedule does not get the best of you, here are some foolproof ways to get in exercise time each and every day:

  1. Plan ahead. Schedule your workout time each week the same as you would your job or events. Many of us say we will “run in the morning” or “go to the gym after work”. When we allow ourselves to get caught up in something and all of sudden we are lingering after work or we say “eh I’ll just stop at the store on the way”, we allow ourselves to welcome in distractions, chaos, and excuses. It is helpful to me that we have set times for our crossfit classes. It allows me to have structure. If I am going to the 4:30pm class and I have just enough time to get there then I will go straight from work; dealing with whatever else may pop up when I get done with class at 5:30pm. Even if you workout on your own time, setting a time in advance (and even keeping it at the same time every day or every week) can be super helpful in not making excuses to push it back and then pushing it so far it never gets done.
  2. Use rest days to your advantage! Just like having a set workout time, scheduling your rest days well could change everything. Whether you have one rest day a week or one a month or whatever the case may be, use it to your advantage. If you have an event coming up and you know the likelihood of you working out that day is slim, make that your rest and make a point not to find any other excuses to keep you from your workouts the rest of that week. 54331538e3623_image
  3. Be flexible. So I know we just talked about structure haha but sometimes there really are things that come up which we don’t see far enough in advance. For instance, my Thanksgiving plans caught up to me and with nothing prepared my boyfriend and I decided last night that it truly would be stressful and a struggle if we went to our usual 5:30pm crossfit class tonight. While this was an unplanned pop up, I knew that today was not a planned rest day for me and that I needed to get my workout in to feel good about the day – and about stuffing my face on an all day cheat day tomorrow heehee. So I decided to be smart and be flexible. Instead of waiting to see how the day goes, which is what I almost did, and waiting to see if I can speed through my other responsibilities and make it to the 5:30pm class, I decided to wake up early and go to the 5:30am class. I decided I would get my workout and my romwod in before I had to start my day. This allowed me to still get in what I needed and be able to deal with my to do list for the day without stress or guilt.
  4. Stop wasting time on nonsense. The final and most significant tip I can give you is to really take a look at how you are spending your time. Before signing up for RomWod I never truly realized just how easy it is to take 20mins out of your night to do something good for your body. I never realized how much time I waste. If you are at home over the holidays and you are watching Christmas movies or tv shows or the football (or hockey 😉 ) games, take that couple minutes of commercials and do something. Anything. Hold a plank for the commercial break. Do a wall sit. Do some situps or pushups. Do your yoga while you watch the movie. Walk around the kitchen on your tippy toes while you cook and do 5 squats after every veggies you chop up haha. Honestly, there are so many easy options that can help you incorporate a little bit of fitness into your days. Even those days when you feel like you just have WAY too much to do. Be conscious of your world and be honest with yourself. If you are going to skip a workout don’t just skip it. Plan in your mind how you will make up for it. Pick a different 4 minutes of your day that you can do some tabata exercises. It doesn’t have to extravagant to be work. It just has to be SOMETHING.


The holidays are an amazing and magical time. However, they are also a stressful and chaotic time. Make sure you are making that time for yourself throughout these next months when it becomes frustratingly hard to balance everything in life. I believe in you all! 😀

If you are struggling to find quick home workouts or good body weight options please email me for plans or ideas.



So have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Enjoy your time … and earn that feast! 😉

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