Recipe Recap: A Fall Festive Weekend


It has been a FULL ON pumpkin-y, halloween-y weekend in this house! We are in full swing of celebrating the flavors of this season and I am beyond in love. 🙂

If you haven’t already seen, fall is my favorite season. I am absolutely that stereotypical fall girl who consumes pumpkin everything … AND I LOVE IT haha ;P  One of the best parts of that is making my own pumpkin themed delights. So, as per our newly established traditions, this weekend was our “fall festivity” weekend. It is our 2nd annual fall weekend and both have including, pumpkin carving, pumpkin cider sipping, and the experimentation with fun new recipes. Luckily for you, this year also includes me re-capping those recipes here for you 😉

BUT FIRST…. Can we just talk about my pumpkin. I know I know. But I am in love with Nightmare Before Christmas and I always see pictures of my pumpkins. Except, I am not really artistically gifted. This year I decided … what the heck! … I’m gonna go for it. Didn’t turn out half bad if I do sayso myself 🙂


Okay now onto the food….

Last fall, I messed around with a recipe for butternut squash sauce. My family had gotten pumpkin ravioli from someone probably almost a year early and had no idea what to do with them. My mom complained that this would be a squash on squash meal and wasn’t too thrilled with the sauce idea…. Then I made… Yeaaahhh she loved it. I was myself truly impressed with how delicious the sauce had come out and I knew this was one for the archives. This year, I found pumpkin ravioli at Trader Joe’s and decided to re-create this masterpiece for the boyfriend and I.


Needless to say, he also LOVED it. The recipe made enough for us to have on our ravioli and some to save for another time. Warning: it is on the thicker side; which we both like. If you want a thinner sauce, add water (or broth) as you reheat.

Also last fall, was the first Halloween my boyfriend and I spent together. Since we were living long distance, the weekend I was able to come visit was the weekend we deemed our “fall weekend” (and so began the tradition). Part of that weekend was carving pumpkins with a bottle of red wine. We decided that would be the cornerstone and the staple in our fall weekend tradition. However, this year I decided to one up the red wine and utilize that sparking pumpkin cider he found last year. I don’t typically post the promotion of alcohol consumption but this was a special weekend and this is a pretty fun occasion fitting drink. I’m gonna call it…

Pumpkin Cider Sangria


I cut up a full large peach into small cubes and cut a lemon into thing slices.

Fill two wine glasses with two slices of lemon and a handful of peach cubes. (Adding ice if desired)

Using a lighter red wine, I used a pinot noir, fill glasses almost halfway with wine.

Top off with sparking pumpkin apple cider.

Enjoy 🙂

To close out the night, we bought cookie cutters in the shape of a coffin and a frankenstein head. Last year we made a halloween themed gingerbread house. However, it was made with a pre-done kit we bought at Trader Joes. This year, when my boyfriend came home with the cookie cutters a couple weeks ago, I knew they’d be a perfect replacement for the gingerbread house. So I experimented a bit with a fantastic new gingerbread cookie recipe.


(Not the most artistically sound representation of Frankenstein, I know… But the cookie itself was delicious at least haha)

Up next, I will also be messing around with a paleo pumpkin bread recipe that I will post for all you lovely fit foodies as soon as it is perfected 🙂

Fall is a time to be enjoyed. Get out and take in the sunshine before it gets bitter cold. Embrace all the flavors and fun food finds. It is truly a remarkably fun time to be had by all!

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