Beating Those Sick Buggies: To Workout or Not to Workout… And other tips for natural healing.

We all get ’em from time to time, some more than others and some worse than others. When it hits it tends to disrupt our life and our schedule just a bit. For those of us who don’t get real sick all too often it can disrupt things a little more because it’s a feeling we aren’t used to and, if you’re anything like me, can make ya a bit of a baby. 🙈 (guilty) 😔

One of things that sick bugs can take away is our workout routine and schedule. When we are expecting it to happen, and rarely we are, it throws us got a loop and messes up all those being awesome and fit plans. Now when you’re training for the biggest race you’ve ever done and you’ve been off your train schedule because of other circumstance this can be exponentially frustrating. So how do you know if you should push it and try to sweat out those bugs and toxins or if you should call it and just get your rest?

Typically, as per doctors orders, you need to pay attention to the severity of the illness (which makes total sense). Research and recommendations have suggested that working out when fighting the average cold is all good. Our bodies, with healthy immune systems, have the ability to rid ourselves of some of the toxins via our sweat… You can compare it to working out after a night of drinking. (Which I totally didn’t suffer through the day after St. Patricks Day in 2013 – still on my first month of Crossfit – and the workout definitely didn’t include burpees. YEAH, that’s one I will never forget haha) … But really, from experience, when you workout not in the best state the workout is probably gonna SUCK big time and you will not perform at your best. But if you go into the workout modifying what you need to and taking the time you need – not pushing too hard – it can be really productive and have a great result for you and a not so great result for those buggies 😉

On the other hand, it seems to be a thin line between the common cold and when that cold may reach a level where it may be unsafe or ill advised to workout. For instance, if you have a fever: REST IT OUT. If your cold has progressed to the flu: STAY HOME. If you are contagious, for the safety of others: DON’T GO TOUCHING ALL THE GYM EQUIPMENT. There are little signs and symptoms you should look out for that will alert you as to whether your body will respond well to working out and sweating out those bugs or whether you need to just give in to a solid rest day.

From personal experience, it can be really easy to misjudge your sickness. So the best tips I can give you is to know and learn your own body and what it can handle. Like with anything medical, advice can be very general and that doesn’t mean that what is advised to the general public is good for you as everyone’s body responds differently to these things. I have been at the place where I was feeling not so hot and pushed through a tough crossfit workout … or two … and then been left feeling even more crippled than before. I have also been on the other end; where a good sweat has gotten rid of my headache and cold and sniffles and I have felt AHMAZING after. So from all that, here is what I have learned myself…

It is more about the workout itself than it is the sickness. What do I mean by that? Often, you can workout when you are feeling slightly under the weather. BUT you need to be careful what you are doing. The best example I can give is the last couple days. I came home Friday from work feeling like I was hit by a train. It happened all of a sudden. I felt fine Thursday, killed it at crossfit, and woke up Friday feeling great. No idea how I went from that to what I felt like Friday afternoon but it happened. Friday night I opted to just stay home, eat dinner with my man before he went to work, take a good bath, and do some relaxing stretching. My plan was to get up and go to crossfit in the morning, assuming that I would wake up feeling amazing. Welp, I didn’t.

I woke up Saturday with the same pressure in my head. I looked at the clock, turned off my alarm and slept an extra hour. The thought of heaving lifting or gymnastics made my head hurt even more. After a good filling breakfast, I felt SLIGHTLY better. I knew I wanted to do some activity but any fast moments just made my head feel worse. I opted for some relaxing exercising. I knew that throw weights over my head or being upside was not happening. I also knew that running was not an options because that motion also rattled my head a bit. So I pulled out my bike and took it for a relaxed, easy, 2 mile ride… to the pool 😉 … and then I went for a light swim for about 30 mins. Being in the water was relaxing and refreshing and cooled off my body a good amount. I felt good. I got a little sweat in, a cool down, and then I came home to relax again. Put on a movie and fell asleep for about an hour. I woke up feeling a million times better than I had when I woke up that morning. I had a slight headache but it was nothing compared.

Sometimes, as I said, it is less about deciding whether we should workout or not, and more about what kind of workout we should do. My major tips are: if daily activities, cooking a meal or sitting up too fast make you want to die than REST. That is a sign that there should not be much physical activity in your to do list that day. Pushing yourself too hard will not lead to anything besides extra days feeling like complete sh*t or perhaps a worse level of sickness than you had before. If you feel like you can handle some physical activity, go light at first. You are always better off taking it light and seeing how your body responds. I have found the pulsing headaches and pressure in your head like your brain is going to explode out of your skull doesn’t go well with aggressive activity. One thing I want to reiterate though is that again, you can typically workout when feeling a little under the weather, as long as your sinus headache or common cold symptoms are not just that. Once you reach the fever level or beyond, let your body relax and give it the time it needs to fight those buggies off and heal itself. You are not lazy. You are not weak. You are being smart and healthy by listening to your body. And when in doubt, rest first and start back light.

Now, there are other things you can also do to help your healing. I have found a couple key things that have had added help for natural healing. 4 of my favorites (in addition to the typical chugging water haha) are:

1. Silver Shield

This beauty is an all natural antibiotic MIRACLE. I have used this for everything from skin issues to a toothache to getting rid of those sick buggies. For this occasion, pour a drop into your mouth and swish it around a bit. It is safe to swallow and probably even recommend if you are using it to fight off the sickies.

You can find this awesome stuff at Nature’s Sunshine 🙂 Use my sponsor code “3178209” at checkout to get 33% off.

2. SOS Rehydrate

SOS Rehydrate is a doctor formulated electrolyte drink mix. I have mostly used it for long runs or at work since I am out in the heat all day. However, SOS also promotes itself as a “lifestyle survival” drink. Its two packet to 500ml of water. It allows fast absorption of water and provides your body with much needs essentials when it is trying to repair itself. It was a god send yesterdayand really made a huge difference after my bike in promoting my quick healing. Getting in all the extra electrolytes needed and then falling asleep; allowing my body rejuvenation time was key.

You can get your own miracle drank here…Get an exclusive limited time offer of 15% off with code “AMB-L2P-9J9”



Baths can heal sore muscles, relieve stress, and help you get rid of some sick buggies. It is all about using the right combo. You want a not too hot temp; nothing that will make your head swell but something that will make your body rid itself of some of the nasties. I typically use some sort of Epsom salt soak mixed with some soothing aromatherapy.

4. Nutricalm

This is another Nature’s Sunshine miracle. I started using this product to help my sleep a while back> I haven’t taken it regularly in some time as my sleeping habits have been better. However, I have found that on these types of occasions when I am feeling under the weather and sleep becomes infinitely more important as healing time, this all-natural anti-stress product makes an amazing difference. I adore it. It is definitely worth checking out.

You can find this product also at and again, use my sponsor code (mentioned above) to get that 33% off.

Again, these are just a few of my favorite go-to all natural healing helpers. Listen to your body when it starts feeling not its best and take the necessary precautions but know that there are plenty of things you can do to get back to feeling 100% a lot faster than ya think.

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