What’s the Catch? Eat ALL the Fishes … SAFELY

Anyone who knows me or has followed me for some time will know that I am a ridiculously huge tuna fan. I mean I am the biggest seafood fan in general. GIVE ME ALL THE FISHES! Tuna is my go to favorite lunch. Whether it is tuna with a little avocado mayo on a simple lettuce and tomato bed or the mouth-wateringly indulgent tuna on ezekial toast with melted pepperjack/muenster tuna melt that I adore so much, I can find any way to eat tuna and be a happy camper.

However, with the mercury levels in fish and the growing fears revolving around what we are really eating out those murky waters we have sadly been using as a dump for centuries, eating tuna every single day – or even as often as I might like to – isn’t really ideal. I have found myself regulating my seafood consumption a lot more than I would like to. It is disappointing and frustrating that with all the chemicals in our world these days, we have to take extra precautions like this. But with problems comes people who love to solve those problems… And then comes people like me who will seek out those answers if it means getting to eat more of whatever the heck I want to eat haha.

That being said, I recently stumbled across the wonderful god-send of an Instagram account for a company called Safe Catch. I was reserved at first about how their tuna could actually be any better than normal tuna. But after doing some research, their testing methods and statistics intrigued me enough to try it. I received 3 cans; one of each of their types of tuna – Elite, Wild Albacore, and Wild Albacore No Salt Added.

What’s the promise behind Safe Catch you ask? Why did I feel any need or desire to test their waters? (See what I did there :P)

Safe Catch is the only brand of tuna that tests the mercury level in EVERY FISH. In fact, they are the only brand that meets the “low mercury” criteria to make it safe for pregnant women. How awesome is that! Their Wild Albacore tuna is also exclusively line and pole caught in order to eliminate the chances by catching yucky by-product that no one wants… I mean unless you love the taste of by-product in your food…

Once the fish are caught, every single one goes through mercury testing that is 10x more restrictive than even the FDA mercury level requirements. Making this the purest and most mercury free tuna you will get from your cans.

Beyond the testing and the safe promises they discuss on their website, which was really all I was looking forward to when I got my cans to try out, the difference in the quality of tuna is INSANELY noticeable from the second you open the can to the very last bite.

The tuna looks and smells pure and fresh. It is not white and cloudy and non-fish looking like most canned tunas tend to me. You open the can and immediately feel like you just pulled this fish from the ocean and skinned it yourself. It was really a sight I had not seen… AAAAAND THEN I TASTED IT.

Holy cow! I mean what the heck was I even eating before?! Before chemicals?! This fish tastes completely different from the average canned tuna. It was seriously the best tasting tuna I have ever had. Even mixed with only a small spoonful of avocado oil mayo and some fresh lettuce, it was the most taste satisfying simple lunch I have had. I could not be happier with Safe Catch and the wonderful product they provide. It is safe to say that I will not be buying my tuna from anywhere else after this!

AND because the people at Safe Catch are just THAT awesome, they have allowed me to offer all you wonderful people a 10% discount code so you can try it out too!

So click here to head on over, use “fitnessforrealpeople10” at checkout for 10% off your wildly delicious tuna, and then come back and tell me how it is! 😀

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