Green Dranks: Super charge your mornings 

We have all heard the saying you are what you eat.

How about you are what you drink?    

 How many of us have rushed days? How many times have you maybe finished a day and realized you should’ve had more greens than you did? How many of you struggle to make sure you are incorporating a more whole diet? Or really how many of us just want a better breakfast option?

If you can relate on any level to any of these questions than you are right in the same boat as me. I like relaxed mornings. But sometimes those relaxed mornings turn into too much time in the shower listening to Hunter Hayes and zero time for breakfast… And if you know me, you know that NO ONE should speak to me if I don’t eat breakfast. 😭🙈 I also love salads and my boyfriend and I eat one every night at dinner along with other green veggies. But a lot of times with my job I am rushing around and end up just picking on some nuts and fruit and cold cuts, struggling to fit in greens during the day. Of course there are also times where maybe I have some indulgent days and don’t get all the things my body needs to function well.

How do I solve this? 

I’ve found one of the best tasting, nutritious, green food and superfood mixes on the planet! I will preface this with saying that I am a big proponent of getting your nutrients with real food and not supplements. But considering this isn’t a chemical filled load of crap you don’t need for no reason kind of shake, I have embraced it with open arms and my body ADORES IT!

The days I start my morning with a full, complete, well rounded combo of greens, superfood, protein, and carbs … Oh my those are my best days! I am a huge eggs person and trust me I love those mornings just as much, but there is something about kicking off the day with superfood AND protein from greens that really energizes me and keeps me feeling well all day.

Why does your body want greens and protein in the morning? 

For one thing, studies have shown that those who start their day with greens may experience high energy levels, improved mental clarity, and reduced cravings throughout the day! Yippee! In addition, it’s been shown that high protein breakfasts can optimize your brains ability to help wake you up. See ya over consumption of coffee! ✌️ If you also combine this with carbs, your body will more gradually digest your breakfast and keep you satiated longer. Aka no unnecessary pre-lunch snacking! 😄

In addition, since for many people a high protein diet sometimes means a diet high in fat and cholesterol, replacing your source of protein with a pea protein helps reduce the amount of fat intake. 

There are many ways to get your fill of greens, superfood, protein, and carbs in the morning – or any time of the day. Having my Nature’s Sunshine shake or making protein pancakes/waffles with these powders is just one of the many easy ways I like to fit mine in! ☺️💚

AND lucky for all you lovely people, you can try your own powders with a 33% off discount… Because I love you so much! 


When you place a $40 order from Nature’s Sunshine, you will qualify for a free membership – aka 33% discounted member prices – if you have a required Sponsor Code. 

Enter Fitness For Real People’s sponsor code “3178209” at checkout and you can reap all the benefits! 😊☀️

So head on over to and check it out. Comment below or contact me with any questions! 

Get your green dranks on! 

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