Sore Muscles? … Take A Bath! 

I’m going to be honest with you, after the time where taking bath meant mermaids and rubber duckies, I kind of well stopped taking baths.

We all reach that age when our parents are like okay sitting here watching you play in water for 2 hours is unnecessary, let’s work on learning how to clean yourself in what is called a shower haha. So from the time my mom got sick of appeasing my sister and I until about 2 years ago, all I did was take showers. I think I took MAYBE a handful of baths. And taking a bath was NOT a good sign. Taking a bath meant I was real sick and needed to sweat out some buggies. 😔

Then I started Crossfit, started lifting, and started having the MOST SORENESS IVE EVER EXPERIENCED. I started learning what it’s like to have aching, growing muscles. And thus, I had to learn how to get these muscle to recover properly. 

There are many things one can do to help muscle recovery and you should have a few up your sleeve to use in conjunction with one another. One of those things for me that has been AMAZING is recovery baths! 

Recovery baths, when done right, are incredible things. They can provide those achy muscles with tools they need to relax and have better and more immediate recovery. 

For my recovery bath…

I typically use the same few ingredients; ones that promote healing and one that just promotes my happiness heehee ☺️

Healing ingredients:

Epsom salt – Baking Soda – Essential Oils

I use about 2 big handfuls of Epsom salt and one teaspoon of baking soda per bath. Baking soda helps the absorption of Epsom salt. Now Epsom salt helps the muscles heal due to the magnesium content. Magnesium is soaked in through the skin and helps the breakdown of lactic acid in the muscles as well as works in the regulation of skeletal muscles and nerves.

For the essential oils, I use a few drops of either Eucalyptus oil or Peppermint oil, depending on the need, mixed with Rosemary oil. Eucalyptus oil is purifying and posses antitoxin qualities. Peppermint oil is a muscle relaxant and is anti-inflammatory.

I get my oils from Nature’s Sunshine. Both of these promote natural healing… And some kickass aromatherapy for mental relaxation.  

Now, in addition to the healing mechanisms, I also am a huge bubble person. To me there is nothing that signifies relaxation than a full tub of bubbles! 😄

So, fill up that tub to a hot but enjoyable temperature, add in your muscle relaxers (maybe some bubbles), pour yourself something refreshing, put on some Netflix, and let the healing begin!  

2 thoughts on “Sore Muscles? … Take A Bath! 

  1. I also never heard of mixing baking soda in to help with absorption- I will try that the next time I do an epsom salt bath. They help me big time with post-run soreness!


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