What Jamz Get You Going?: My Summer 2015 Cardio Playlist

Training for my first triathlon, even though its only a sprint distance, has led to making more cardio sessions and much longer cardio sessions than I usually do in my typically fitness routine.

I’m not gonna lie, I have actually enjoyed these a lot more than I thought I would. I mean I am even thinking these sessions are gonna stay even post-triathlon. Crazy talk for me! haha But, to be super honest, I went into this nervous and unsure why I wanted to take on something so out of my nature.

One of my biggest struggles in my fitness progress is endurance. I think it’s a big part mental. I give in to the weakness in my mind a lot sooner than I should. I go for a run and think about how much I hate running… Yeah that definitely does me NO good at all. Or, like yesterday, I get frustrated with a movement when it isn’t going right. I start cursing under my breath and let myself get pissed at myself. From this current training experience I have started to grow in that and last night, after a horribly bad and far too long set of 15 HSPUs, I was able to go into my set of 9 with the attitude that I was going to channel my frustration into focusing on doing this shit properly so I could get done with the workout haha. And, I only failed 1 handstand pushup in that last set. I broke it down into 3 quick sets of 3. I felt better and I finished the day feeling okay and knowing exactly what I need to work on to make this movement better.

You’re thinking… What in all the world does handstand pushups have to do with this triathlon training?! And what does ANY of my rambling so far have to do with music?!

Well… Mentality, focus, and endurance are all important parts of fitness; whether that fitness is crossfit or that fitness is triathlon training. So how do you work on building those things up when you struggle with all of them? Even though it may sound contrary because it is adding an extra factor and distraction, music is one of the best ways make a long, mentally draining workout better!


Sometimes being able to build up your mentality and your endurance is to take yourself away from what is going on, the struggle your body is feeling. When I was trying to push through a 7 mile bike ride for very the first time, it would be easy to focus on the burn in my quads or the distance left to go or the huffing and puffing I was doing or how badly I did NOT want to bike up that hill in front of me. All things that would have defeated me and left me feeling broke and perhaps not completing the daunting task at hand. However, having the most perfect, upbeat, killer playlist allowed me to focus on the beat, the song, the energy and all the amazingness that came from the feeling of this music pumping out of my headphones. I found myself singing in my head, smiling, and, to my dismay, peddling faster on my tired, sore, broken legs.

The other day, we couldn’t get the speakers working at the box and we had no music. We were doing a 4 part workout. There were two of us there and a stand in coach who wasn’t the most vocal. I spent over an hour just listening to the heavy breathing of myself and the other person there at the box. It was ROUGH. Flash forward to yesterday where the fast paced music was loud and you were listening to songs about people conquering their goals and heard heavy weights crashing. Which of the two sound more empowering or more likely to push you to (and past) your limits?


th-3So, with the triathlon training I have been doing I have noticed more and more how greatly music affects me. I have also been able to find a killer cardio mix that has gotten me through all of my long runs and bike rides. And, 700 words later, I am here to share with you my AWESOME Summer 2015 playlist for long training sessions.

Disclaimer: I am a full on hip-hop type person when it comes to heavy lifting but I have found this unexpected passion for dupstep and house remixes for running! This playlist is so out of the ordinary for me but I am LOVING IT 😉

Sampling of My Summer 2015 Cardio Playlist for My First Sprint Triathlon Training! 😀

  • Dj Snake & Aluna George – You Know You Like It
  • Jack & Jack – Wild Life
  • Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (Crankdat Future Remix)
  • Tove Lo – Talking Body (The Young Professionals Remix)
  • Major Lazer & Dj Snake – Lean On
  • Jason Derulo – Want To Want Me
  • Milky Chance – Flashed Junk Mind (Filous Remix)
  • Kayne West – Power (Trap Remix)
  • Skrillex & Diplo – Where Are U Now (ft. Justin Bieber)
  • Flo Ride & Robin Thicke – I Don’t Like It, I Love It
  • Yellow Claw – DJ Turn It Up


What beats really get you going?!  I love trying out new mixes! 🙂

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