Freedom is… Being A Strong Crossfit Girl

The 4th of July.

Independence Day.

A day to celebrate our freedom.

Fireworks behind statue of liberty

My question is…

What does that freedom mean to you?

I can answer that for myself. Freedom means being able to be whomever I choose to be. Freedom means being able to be the strong girl. Freedom means being able to be the girl who lifts and eats well and treats her body the way she wants.

Many people look at a fit lifestyle as a restrictive lifestyle. We “can’t eat whatever we want”. We “have to spend all this time at the gym, doing miserable exercises, and feeling sore”. Crossfit is a cult right? So that would mean that I have strict do’s and dont’s that I follow. I am stuck in something and brainwashed. I have no choice or freedom… So why is it that I am happier and freer than ever? How can it be that living this restrictive, fit lifestyle has meant the most freedom I have ever felt?

Health and fitness is not about restricting yourself. In fact, it is the exact opposite. A fit lifestyle is about giving yourself and your body everything it’s ever wanted. A fit lifestyle means being able to be the most optimal version of yourself. It IS the ultimate freedom.

Taking a more purely American stance, we can look at today and think about all the countries that are not able to be have the freedoms we have. The countries where we cannot treat and use our bodies in whatever way we choose. More specifically, countries where I would not be able to focus so much of my time and energy on the growth of my fitness, my muscle, my strength. When I think about the places, environments, or even homes I could have grown up in that would have stunted my pursuit of fitness and strength, it feels almost obligatory that I go after my goals and my desires with all the fire I can muster.

After being trapped in a body that I hated, as a person with zero self-confidence, being able to be the person that I want to be and allow myself to be happy 100% is the greatest freedom I could ever imagine. For me, that means lifting heavier than some men I know and eating chicken breast on the regular because I really like it and no I actually don’t want McDonald’s even a little bit… We owe it to ourselves to use every ounce of the freedom given to us to be the best people we could possibly be; the people we WANT to be. I choose to use that to make myself stronger, better, and faster every single day.

I love fueling my body in a way that makes it work harder, get stronger, and do more. I love seeing muscle growth. I love feeling energized. I love being able to kick the ass of the person I was a few months or even days ago. I love being free to be the person I want to be.

Do not go into a healthy lifestyle with the attitude of restriction. Rather, begin a life of healthy living and fitness but looking at is as the opportunity to better yourself everyday and to become the greatest version of you. Think of it as the chance do live the way your body wants you to live, to listen to your body’s every need, and to create the person you are/will be. You no longer have to conform to society to be less. You have the option and the ability to be more than you ever thought you can be. No one will stop you. Open your eyes, open your minds, and seize your freedom!

Happy Fourth of July #FitFam

Use today and every single day to your advantage.

Be happy. Be free. Be you.

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