Cleansing: The Good, The Bad, and The Disgusting

Happy July! 

What are YOU doing this month to better yourself?


For those of you who don’t know or don’t follow me on social media, I just recently completed a one week cleanse. It wasn’t a juice fast, as I have done in the past – if you’ve been a long time follower you probably read those posts, or a tea cleanse, as seems super popular these days. It was a regular, you can actually eat food, cleanse. Some people may think well if you’re eating what really happens? Or what is the point?

Let me clear something up for you guys… There is a difference between the “cleanses” or “detoxes” that use juice or tea to substitute your traditional food intake. Those are considered to be more on the “fasting” side of cleansing than on the traditional cleansing side. They are something that has become more popular over recent years and stems away from what a normal cleanse has been in the past. Both fasts and cleanses have their place. It is up to you to decide which fits your current needs and your lifestyle. For this post I am going to only discuss the cleanse side (so to avoid a 40 min long read for you guys haha) BUT I have done both more than once so if you are interested in learning about the fast or finding out more about the differences between the two please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to comment below with any questions.

Now… Last week I did a 7 day cleanse from Nature’s Sunshine which I have done before maybe a little less than 2 years ago. (Not long after getting into my healthy lifestyle and beginning to really find myself in fitness) I can’t lie, I was supposed to do this cleanse a second time a little over a year ago with my boyfriend but on the first day I ate some questionable strawberries and got food poisoning 😦 So now that we are living together, the boyfriend and I figured we’d give it a second go around and hopefully it would be easier on him since not only was I actually going to complete it this time but I would be in house with him eating the same meals and providing support and encouragement.

The basis of the cleanse is a drink mix which you consumer 15-30 mins before breakfast and 15-30 mins before dinner, along with a packet of 3 capsules with you take with breakfast and with dinner. You eat real meals and can eat food throughout the day as well. The catch being what you can eat and drink. There is a lists of acceptable foods which you can eat and how much of each food group you can have throughout the day/week. It mainly emphasizes eating greens for the basis of everything with chicken or turkey breast for protein and only one serving of fruit a day; with some other add ons but I wont ramble through the whole list. You can also primarily only drink water throughout the week.

We eat well in our household. We eat clean real foods which we cook at home and only go out to eat on a rare occassion. We don’t eat much processed or packaged foods at all. We do a salad just about every night with another green vegetable. We eat our fruits. We only keep greek yogurt, ezekial bread, and rice drink in the house when it comes to (my) problem food groups. The whole nine. We are for the most part pretty healthy individuals and we are happy with the way we eat. So honestly, do this cleanse we really did not have to eliminate too much from our diet – besides my morning ezekial bread heehee. So with that being the case why was it that by day 5 I felt like I was being tortured?!

I want to make one thing clear, I  L O V E this cleanse. I really do. There is SO MUCH good. I could go on for days about it. I feel AMAZING physically both during and after the cleanse. I honestly can tell the difference in myself and it’s ridiculous. For two people who eat pretty darn well 90% of the time, my boyfriend lost 9 lbs of CRAP and I lost 5 lbs of CRAP (literally) … And if you couldn’t guess just from the idea of the cleanse, that’s the ugly part haha. All the crap … Your body eliminates toxins and things it has been holding on to just by way of not being able to process it. It holds on to things you don’t even realize it does. So for the people who are super healthy eater, you can still benefit from this cleanse. It is something that I would recommend to people every so often; even more so if you have recently traveled, live in a highly populated or pollution prone area, or maybe after lots of holiday celebrations ;P

As for the bad part of the cleanse – This week made me reflect on truly why extreme diets DO NOT WORK. Now I know that they don’t work from my own yo-yoing experience throughout my high school and college, and some post-college, life. However, this kind of experience is the closest to a diet I have been on in quite some time. Like I previously stated, the elimination of food should not have been such a big factor but it is really the psychology behind it which is the game changer. Even on my 3rd day post cleanse, I have eaten much that I couldn’t have had then. We had sushi Monday night to celebrate and I had oatmeal for breakfast yesterday but otherwise my days have looked very similar to the cleanse days. Yet, something about constantly knowing I CAN’T have anything I wanted is very powerful.

I found myself on day 5 just standing in the kitchen staring at the counter wishing for something. Anything… I like oatmeal but I am not the BIGGEST OATMEAL FAN EVER or anything. I have never in my life found myself craving oatmeal. Yet, one morning I opened the pantry and my mouth watered over the thought of having oatmeal. On various occasions I would tell myself, just 3 more days, just one day … and you can EAT ALL THE FOODS!


That mentality is a HUGE problem.

Granted the “all the foods” I wanted to eat were things tomatoes and oatmeal and pistachios and maybe be able to put some spices on my plain chicken breast haha. I wasn’t craving cookies and donuts and pizza. But that is the reality for many people when they do extreme diet in search of significant weightloss.

Ultimately, this cleanse taught me so much about myself and about my own issues with food psychology and self control haha. Getting healthy is a lifestyle change. It is a commitment. Doing small fasts and cleanses are wonderful and allow your body to refresh itself in such a glorious way. BUT they should not be used purely as a means of weightloss. 

I think a cleanse is a wonderful way to kickstart your healthy lifestyle IF you have already made a commitment to getting healthy. For all you clean eaters out there, on top of resetting your body and ridding yourself of any sneaky toxins, I think a cleanse could be an awesome test of will power! 😉

I have plenty of tips and tricks and rules from my past cleanses and I am always here to help guide you through the week! I have an awesome group of people getting ready to go through the cleanse right now. Is it your turn next? It’s not too late to start feeling great! 🙂   

And because I love all my readers oh SO much you can all get 33% off the cleanse and any products or services you are interested in! 😀

Contact me for more info.  

2 thoughts on “Cleansing: The Good, The Bad, and The Disgusting

  1. I haven’t ever tried a cleanse…I’m not sure I’d have the will power!! I’m sure I’d feel better though because I eat pretty crappy. :/


    1. The key is doing a mass grocery shopping the day before, ridding your house of or hiding trigger items, and pre-planning your meals and snacks for the day. It’s a game changer! Haha… My mom is an awful eater and she made it through! It is definitely worth a try! Your body will love you after. If you’re interested in doing it but feel like you need some support or guidance to get through it definitely shoot me an email! That’s what I’m here for 🙂


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