Tasting The Fitness Rainbow

Okay so I know on here I primarily talk about Crossfit when I write about my fitness. However, I make it a point not to soap box, to shove Crossfit at you, or to make it seem as though Crossfit is the only way to get fit. Everyone has their own fitness and everyone is better at some things than others. As long as you are healthy, active, and utilizing what works for you then GO GET ‘EM!

That being said, the reason I talk so much about Crossfit is because it is the only that worked for me to get me to the point I am now. It is the one thing that I do that makes me feeling like I am actually putting in real work, and it is the one thing I do that gives me true pleasure… getting alllll dem endorphins up in here!!… Crossfit has been my main rock over the past two years. It has been my source of staying fit. But as they say, life happens right?

For those of you who are unaware, new readers, or just caught this article from somewhere else, I realized made a huge change in my life. I took a leap and moved from Northern New Jersey to the heart of Texas. Big freakin change, I know. Because this is not exactly a small move my life got a little bit shaken up for a bit; well for about a good month or so I would say. From planning and preparation to little tactical things to actually driving across the country in my little Elantra with all my belongings to going back to Jersey to finish out my job there and see my sister’s graduate from college and high school to flying back to Texas and just this week starting my new job. 

WHEW! I’m just exhausted thinking about it all again!

Because of the constant back and forth and the leaving my NJ box and not having a membership yet at a Texas box and the financial strain welp Crossfit was unfortunately on the back burner (until Wednesday that is WAHOO!). The difference in my mindset is that I didn’t let not being able to set foot in a box stop me from staying (somewhat) on track.

I do admit that moving is emotionally and mentally draining. Which leads to just feeling tired in general so I wasn’t quite AS aggressive with my workouts and structured as usual. HOWEVER, the upside to all of this was that I took the opportunity to explore other areas of fitness.

I have been engaging in multiple yoga challenges via Instagram and making an effort to learn more about yoga and mobility… I found out I kind of suck at yoga haha.

I decided to implement more running into my day when I can. I honestly HATE running. Sorry. I just do. But hey you gotta do what you hate or you won’t get better at it right? Especially something as fundamental as running. Hill sprints are easily done at my new hilly complex and they are the bane of my existence. But I am doing them.

I also took the chance to mess around with some lifting machines in the gym at my complex which I have never used. I may take the time to visit these once in a while to work on specific weakness areas in regards to strength but I’ll also be honest in that I am not the biggest fan of this. Possibly because I am a newbie at it so it seems wildly uncomfortable and awkward so I am more likely to stick with the Olympic lifting. 

All in all I am headed back to a regular Crossfit schedule in the weeks to come; as I am attending a class tonight again. *que excited squeak noises* Wednesday’s class kicked my freakin butt after only attending to crossfit sessions at an actual box in the last month, which is the downside to this Crossfit hiatus. But I am super thankful for this transitional period because it has afforded me the opportunity to experiment with some new things and add some other outside-the-box workouts into my life. 

It also has opened the door for me to find some other fun workout styles I really want to try out! 

Moral of the story, finding what works for you is important. It will keep you engaged, keep you hungry, and keep you progressing. Just don’t let that jade your view of other forms of exercise or fitness. You may be surprised when you test the waters what you might find and enjoy! 

Go out and taste the rainbow fit peeps! Taste the delicious fitness rainbow and satisfy all your hungers! 

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