Importance of Community

Fitness is a tough game for most of us… It’s tough because ultimately we are playing only against ourselves and that is a hard pill to swallow. Like any solo sport, the mentality is a lot tougher because realistically when something doesn’t go as planned you only have yourself to blame and not that slow lazy teammate who should’ve had that last ball or taken a better shot. Working out is even tougher because well we aren’t playing for a gold medal and, although our health should be of much more value than a medal, let’s face it, the seeming lack of immediate reward makes the battlefield look wider and the feat tougher. So how do we get out of this daunting mindset and into looking at fitness as fun and worth while?


How much faster does a run go by if you are running with a friend? How much further do you push yourself when you have someone you trust by your side? How much easier is it to spend hours in the gym when you have someone to spend it with? How much more likely are you to get your butt to the gym everyday if you know someone is going to ask you about it or wonder why you DIDN’T go? Or even, how much more will you lift when your friend is pushing your PR? haha … Exactly.

One of the major reasons people do not meet their health, fitness, or weight loss goals is a lack of accountability. A lack of someone or something to motivate and check in on them; to encourage and push them and educate them and be there for them. That is one of the major reasons that I LOVE Crossfit.

As Greg Glassman said himself…


On the eve of my move across the country, I am sitting here thinking about what is to come. How my fitness will continue 1700 miles away and the new box I will be joining in Austin. In thinking about all of that all I can do is reflect on the greatness that has been my New Jersey box, my original box, the place that started it all, my first Crossfit family.

I honestly don’t think I would be in the place I am if it wasn’t for these people… Actually I KNOW I wouldn’t be. From my first days terrified and anxious to competitions (both ones I competed in and ones I went to to support my fellow box members) to two Opens to going to specific class times and stopping into the box this week for the sole reason that I couldn’t imagine moving and not seeing my family before I go. Every single member of Maxability has helped me, pushed me, encouraged me, inspired me, and made me the confident athlete that I am today.


My coaches have been easily some of the best. Not only are they knowledgable but they go above and beyond. They truly care about the health and success of all of their members. They also are some of the most fun and friendly people I have ever met. Being a shy girl, it takes a lot for me to get comfortable. The coaches at Maxability made me feel comfortable faster than I imagined and the members only made that feeling ten fold.

When you are the new kid on the block and you are struggling with a movement, don’t know something around the gym, or are finishing up a workout behind everyone else, it is that encouragement, helping hand, and cheering from veteran members that truly make you realize the magic of the community of Crossfit.

Crossfit is known for their community and honestly, attend one single WOD at any given box or go watch a competition and you will know why. It is basically impossible to not get addicted by the energy and community you find within a Crossfit box. THAT is what I love about this sport. THAT is what has helped push me to the place I am at now.


Regardless of how you exercise or what you choice of fitness is, having a group of encouraging and motiving individuals will only help you reach your goals faster, set higher goals, and then break those too.

For me the community is what will always keep me drawn to crossfit. The fact that I made amazing friends from my time here at Maxability is something I will always treasure. Knowing I have a Crossfit home to go back to anytime I am in New Jersey is an amazing feeling. With Crossfit you gain not just fitness but an extra family and for that I am more grateful than anything.

Thank you Tim, Robyn, Lanny, Mike Kim, Kim D, Colleen, and all the AMAZING members at Maxability Sports and Crossfit.

I will see you all soon.

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