Satisfy That Sweet Tooth and STOP Overeating

with MealEnders.


Okay Fit Fam. So, I was afforded the awesome opportunity to review a new lozenge. I was told that these lozenges were created in order to help people working on their overeating or over-snacking BUT…  oh. my. goodness. I honestly did not expect them to be as great as they are! Seriously.

MealEnders tagline themselves as “The Antidote to Overeating”. While this may seem like a real bold cause, and – to be honest – I was super skeptical myself, I have really come to believe these are a game changer.

Unlike many chemical filled pills, supplements, or even snacks, MealEnders are stimulant-free, drug-free, real food lozenges that have a unique make-up which works in a duo-sensory taste system. Essentially, they combine sensory science with behavioral psychological to satisfy our cravings and allow the body and mind to work together on recognizing the body’s natural hunger response and fullness. Thus, labeling them “signaling lozenges”.

The fight against overeating begins when you teach your body how to recognize the “signals” of cravings versus actual hunger. When you can recognize these differences, you naturally begin to avoid the snacking and allow yourself the ability to work on portion control during meals. Rather than continuously shoveling food into our mouths, we become more aware and able to recognize the satisfied feeling that comes with eating and learn when we are “fulfilled” versus “full”.

So how exactly do they allow the brain and body to work together?

MealEnders have two parts. It begins as a sweet outer layer that seriously satisfies any sweet tooth. Hence, the “dessert” portion. Once you get past the sweetness, you reach the cooling center of the lozenge. The part that resembles a cough drop (except insanely more delicious). The center signals the trigeminal nerve, or the “taste” nerve, to cue the end of eating… And also to clear the palate.

Okay okay so now that we have covered how they work. DO they work?

I brought in the troops for this one so you guys could get a good overview… My own opinion, 100% yes! I am guilty of day time snacking, especially at work. Sometimes it is warranted if I don’t get the time for lunch or have a before work workout that leaves my metabolism roaring. Sometimes though, it definitely is not. I will admit it. And considering I have an important event that includes lots of photographs in dresses and being on a stage in front of tons of people, I need to keep myself in check! Haha. I can say that the chocolate mint and mocha are my favorite flavors because of my love for all things chocolate. They are sweet and chocolately. Satisfy any sweet cravings. AND definitely kick my snack urge.

Now, my mom is the world’s biggest skeptic of all things AND the worst snacker I know. She is the get up from the table after dinner and go right to the snack cabinet kind of snacker. I tried for about a week to try to get her to try the MealEnders and she refused. Until one day, she let me convince her and she took a Citrus lozenge right after dinner before her snacking. Aaaannndddd low and behold, she went right upstairs and not one snack did she eat that night! IT’S A MIRACLE! While she is still stubborn, each night that I can get her to take a lozenge, she goes to bed snack free.

I also had a family friend of mine try them. She is a pretty healthy person but she can give my sweet tooth a serious run for it’s money. I gave her 3 lozenges of each flavor and there is not a single one that did not get un-wrapped. As far as the taste scale, she said each flavor satisfied any sweet craving she experienced.


So here is the overall ratings on a 1-10 scale,

Me – Taste: 10 (chocolate mint, mocha) 7 (citrus) 5 (cinnamon)   Craving Busting: 9

Mom – Taste: 10 (citrus) 9 (mocha) 5 (chocolate mint and cinnamon)   Craving Busting: 10

Friend – Taste: 10 all   Craving Busting: 6

Now for the fun part, lucky for you all, MealEnders is offering to give ONE of my readers the chance to not just trust in my opinion (or the opinions of my mom and friends) but to try it out for themselves! One lucky person will win 4 bags of MealEnders lozenges. One full bag of EACH flavor. (Each bag containing 25 lozenges). Enter through the link below for your chance to win!

MealEnders Contest Entry!

Contest will end at 11:59pm Friday March 13th.

Each person is eligible for up to 11 entries.

Once you’re done with this giveaway head on over to Erica Finds and/or Running With SD Mom to #winalltheprizes 🙂

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