Cold, cold, go away

Come again NEVER

It’s that splendid time of year again. The time when even the best of us catch a bit of the sniffles… or if we are the more unlucky of the bunch, flu-like symptoms.

Well for the first time in YEARS I had a legit punch in the face kind of cold. Thankfully, the fever was minimal and lasted only less than 24 hours. However, the rest of the pesky symptoms have been a pain in my butt from Sunday until Yesterday. Today was the first day I felt like a real human being, like myself 100%. I rarely ever get sick so when I do I am kind of a wimp haha. However, being that I grew up in a household where medication was never given to us (or even really kept in the house), I have learned a trick or two along the way. I mean I have never gotten the flu shot in my life and SHOCKER I have never gotten the flu. So, I am here to share with you some fun things I did for myself from Monday to Today in order to work on ridding myself of these pesky cold symptoms…… spoiler alert: It had nothing to do with medication……


So, before I get on my anti-medication soap box, two of my F A V O R I T E things, both on a regular basis and when trying to get rid of those sicky bugs, are…

1. Yogi Tea Green Tea Triple Echinacea


This is BY FAR my absolute favorite tea. I adore green tea to begin with and this is just above and beyond. As the subtitle on the box states, it is also good for your immune system. Your immune system is ya know just the most important link in fighting these nasty buggies. So why is this tea just a miracle worker?

Green tea. Not only will green tea not dehydrate you like other teas or hot beverages, but it has anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties (mainly due to the level of epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG). When you are sick enough that you are experiencing fevers and the like, you have swelling in your body. This is NO BUENO. A hot cup of green tea will help with clearing your sinuses, providing healthy anti-infective properties, and kicking that fever… Ya know, the thing that tylenol claims it’ll do but usually doesn’t. Oh okay.

Echinacea. Studies have shown that echinacea extract has the ability to boost immune system in the way of increasing the number of white blood cells and boosting the activity of macrophages, a subset of white blood cells. Take that bacterias!

Elderberry extract. Elderberry contains Sambucus nigra agglutinins, or SNAs, which have the ability to “lock” the receptors of certain flu viruses, preventing them from invading human cells. Sambucus nigra may protect against as many as eight flu strains, as opposed to the flu shot which protects against only one strain.

2. Eucalyptus

The ULTIMATE decongestant. Inhalation of the strong aroma of eucalyptus oil while you have a stuffy nose, cough, or congested chest is super powerful. The aroma acts as a vapor to help relieve the congestion. You can achieve this strong aroma by rubbing the oil on your neck or chest, similar to how you would use Vicks as a child. You can also do this through steam inhalation (which is my favorite). Steam inhalation involves, as you guessed, some arena of hot water to intensify the aroma and also had the steaming sensation. You can add a drop of oil to a hot compress or to some sort of hot water, like a bath. A nice hot bath with 3 drops of eucalyptus oil and a palm full of epsom salt each night you are sick is sure to do the trick! [Trust me. That’s my go to! heehee :)]

While these are my top two home remedies for the common cold and for getting back to feelin like a million bucks, there are still a bunch of other things I would say to make sure of liiikkkeee…. WATER WATER WATER! Make sure you are keeping a high intake of water in order to work on flushing out all the grossness. They don’t say bed rest and fluids just for the heck of it.

Another is making sure that you are eating right. It’s super to just fall into microwave foods, canned soups, or snacking when you are under the weather because you don’t feel up to cooking. But listen, leave the elaborate meals for another time and whip up something small. Now is NOT the time to be skimping on the food. Your body needs to battle with everything its got and that takes having the right supplies.

Lastly, get in some good physical self-care. Monday I basically died but I made sure the I rolled out on my foam roller, went over to my Chiropractor to get adjusted, and did some stretching and SUPER LIGHT mobility. And honestly after finally getting out of bed and getting that in I felt already 50% better. Don’t let bed rest get the best of you and spend days on end just laying still under the covers. Your muscles need a little movement, a little stretching, a little getting some of the tension out. With that said, know your body and read your body well enough to know what is too much in the way of physical activity. For instance, I went back to crossfit Tuesday – Thursday. However, my workout doubly kicked my ass yesterday just because, other than that it was super aggressive, my body was still getting back to functioning at 100%. So I decided my body probably needed the extra rest day today.

There is no magic formula to take away a cold in the snap of a finger. Even the most aggressive of medications will take a couple days at minimal; and they will destroy your body while they are at it. Take the time to treat your body right, rest up, stretch, eat right, relax in a steaming hot epsom salt and eucalyptus bath, and drink some yummy teas. Heal. The right way. And your cold not only will be history but will have a slimmer chance of returning! [YAY]

Get to feelin well everyone : )  …. And if you need a good place for solid deals on essential oils check out this kick ass all natural company that I am absolutely head over heels for by clicking here.

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