5 Reasons to Set That Alarm

So you just signed up for a membership at your local gym … or CrossFit box 😉 … and you’re looking at class times. Yes, a 5:15am class would be possible since you go to work at 8am but could you really wake up at 4:30 in the morning to workout?! I mean you don’t even like having to part with your favorite piece of furniture at 6am to keep your job. Come on, if everyone slept in those jersey sheets with a body pillow bigger than them they wouldn’t want to either. So what it is that those pre-sunrise go getters know that you don’t?
1. They sleep better.
For starters, getting better sleep is only oh I don’t know somewhat conducive to waking up in the morning. Exercising in the morning can help your body regulate it’s internal clock and formulate a healthier schedule. In multiple studies, people who are morning exercisers have been found to have better, deeper sleep at night. At the same time, people who exercise late at night were found to stay up later and have trouble falling asleep.
2. They are able to avoid excuses or schedule conflicts.

Sometimes life can get extremely hectic, as we all know probably far too well. When you are waiting until the end of your busy day to head over to the gym there is a greater chance of excuses, distractions, responsibilities, or last minute things to pop up and deviate from your originally planned activities. Planning a workout for the morning rather than the end of the day allows you to use time that would not be otherwise used. Thus, avoiding any conflict and eliminating those pesky excuses… Nice try!

3. They have a better attitude!

We all know that exercise produces endorphins; reducing stress and improving mood. Getting that rush of healthy hormones at the start of your day can lead to keeping a better, more focused positive attitude throughout your day. You may also find that you are able to be more relaxed during the day, handle stress better, and achieve more. Which leads me to my next point…

4. They’re more productive.

24 hours can go by fast. People who work out in the morning tend to fit more into those short hours than people who don’t. Morning workouts are a fantastic way to wake yourself up and get you ready for the day. You are also more likely to be awake and able to concentrate during the day. You also start the day with a feeling of accomplishment. Success is a gigantic confidence booster. And, in turn, confident people are usually more successful and accomplish more. Working out in the morning also sets a good habit.

5. They burn more fat.
Exercise boosts your metabolism. By starting your day with a workout you are kick starting your metabolism as well as forcing your body to use extra energy to re-generate during the day. Exercise also improves your body’s resting metabolic rate. Meaning, your body burns more calories and is more efficient at breaking down food and fat even when at rest.
The above listed are just a handful of the reasons why morning workouts are AHH MAZING! Once I started the 5 and 6am CrossFit classes I immediately fell in love with them and the way they made me feel throughout the entire day. Even if you are not a morning person I would suggest you give the morning workout a try… It won’t kill you… Just one little try. Of course depending on your daily life and your fitness level an hour of intense cross training workouts, cardio, and olympic lifting at 5am may not be your starting point. Even a light morning run, quick 10 minute workout, stretch sesh, or yoga class would do the trick. So seriously, set that alarm (to go off as many times as needed) and give the mornings a chance to dazzle you! You might be surprised in how much you love leaving that bed before the sun rises.

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