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Fitness is your own journey and it’s never too late to hit the road, no matter how daunting that path may seem…


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 Eat Clean 

The 80/20 rule. “Eat Your Colors”. Clean Eating. Paleo. IIFYM…

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There are a plethora of terms used in the fitness world, especially throughout social media. Sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming. I am here to help break down the ideas and concepts behind eating well. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or boring. But as they say, you are what you eat. What you put in your body you will get out. Test out some of my delightful recipes, contact me for guidance, and remember to always love yourself with your food choices. ❤

           Train Mean

Whether you are a crossfitter, yogi, runner, marathoner, at home video-er, body builder, or on a weightloss journey, your body should be your best investment. Going from an insecure girl with major self-image issues and an eating disorder to someone who cares little about what others think of my body shape and more about the power and strength I have found in myself, I know well what it is like to go through many stages of fitness, or lack thereof. That designer bag is nice but will it carry you around for 80 years? That sitcom is super funny but will it help you have the energy to keep up with the demands of every day life? We all have our indulgences but let your health take priority! Training mean simply means giving it your all every day and every chance you get. And doing it FOR YOU! Don’t sell yourself short.

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Be Accountable

The value of a good community and support system should not be overlooked! One of the biggest reasons people fail in their fitness journey is lack of accountability. Don’t let that happen to you. There are so many AMAZING resources and communities available for encouragement, support, and positivity. It is astounding how inspirational the fitness community can be when you are looking in the right places and talking to the right people.

Let’s start here! Connect with me and together we can work toward your goals! 🙂


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